The legislative lobbying arm of 21 Consulting LLC leverages the experience of a full service consulting firm with 20+ years of experience.

Our clients’ interests take us from the chambers of the Ohio Statehouse to town halls and Washington D.C. Our passion for the collaboration inherent in securing the interests of those clients drives our success.

Our all-inclusive approach provides a winning framework and magnifies the necessity to work within each side of the political aisle. This unique vision allows us to utilize our extensive understanding of Ohio’s multi-faceted structure of government to successfully secure our clients’ interests. Our knowledge, historical perspective and professionalism enhance our ability to offer the most comprehensive advocacy and advice to our clients.

In addition to our legislative lobbying services, we excel in grassroots organization and mobilization, coalition building, and Political Action Committee (PAC) development.

This depth of knowledge grants us the opportunity to work with Fortune 500 companies like to national and statewide trade associations and single issue groups and individuals.

21 Consulting LLC
21 West Broad Street – Suite 700
Email: steve@21consultingllc.com